Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Circus Tent Made from a Folded Book

Finished the Circus tent today ready to take to 
The Old Art Room Studio.
Put the photos on Facebook and everyone has enjoyed it.
See how it started in the previous post 
See the lovely responses on Facebook Book Page HERE

Monday, 12 January 2015

Circus Tent From A Folded Book

With the Circus theme this month I thought I would
make a Tent out of a folded book.
This is the first stage and I will post a photo of
the finished Big Top Circus Tent when it's ready.
See a video of how it was made HERE

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Oriental Junk Journal

This is my Oriental Junk Journal made out of all the Chinese and Japanese papers, photos, magazine clippings and ephemera I have collected. I am glad I got it done for one of the studio themes.
2015 is the year of The Sheep/Ram.
This junk journal now also includes these two oriental cards that I have made.
The journal will be in the studio for inspiration.

Hope you enjoy viewing the video.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Cinch Machine

My new Cinch machine to help punch the holes in all
the paper I accumulated papers.
Ideal for the themed junk journals I want to make.
See how The Cinch works HERE

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Circus Inspiration Album

Started really early this morning working on this 
Circus Inspiration Album.
It's for 12"x12" pages.
So larger than I normally use for this ideas process.
I had collected a lot of the pictures and embellishments and had 
made a start on some research.
There are so many images available due to the 
I made a note of where pictures and inspiration came from.
The wrapping paper came from the super market.
Which looks like circus tent fabric!

The Circus Inspiration is one of the topics I am using 
this month in The Old Art Room Studio.
I normally tend to start with research and then make a sketchbook
which contains pictures, photos, ephemera, designs
and art work.
So, this is the first step in my process this time as I
had large pictures I wanted to use.
It's more a scrapbook technique.
There are lots of left overs from this first Album to form the 
sketchbook which I will post shortly and I 
want to make a Junk Journal too.
See an inspirational art video made by 
Lynne Perrella  and Anne Bagby
Circus Inspired